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August 1st, 2009

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach - Filthy [NC-17]

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I do it out of love. Honestly, I do. Consider the thumbnail the ONLY part of the image that isn't completely um...filthy. Fluffy shippy art next time.

Watchmen. Rorschach. NC-17. Very NSFW. Non-con. Bukkake. Uh, some human toilet in there as well.

Filthy [Very NSFW] )

July 3rd, 2009

Watchmen Pic - Captain Metropolis/Hooded Justice - Justice Served - [NSFW]

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Look, a canon couple! I've been poking at this for a few months now and just started over and everything fell into place. Hooray for TPWB good drawing days.

Watchmen. Captain Metropolis/Hooded Justice. NC-17. Bondage.

Watchmen - Captain Metropolis/Hooded Justice - Justice Served - [NSFW] )

April 21st, 2009

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach - Cut to Ribbons [PG-13]

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I started this in the wacom workshop at school and had some dedicated time to work on it which was nice as I've been wanting to draw this for a while. Most plausible Rorschach ship? Y/N

Watchmen - Rorschach - Cut to Ribbons [crossdressing] )

March 17th, 2009

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

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Was going to title this "things change" but then I went for relatively obscure song lyrics instead. Decided to give Dan the movie hood, since I can fathom how it's constructed, but that's okay because movie!Rorschach, makes my heart break even more. (I am the most predicable girl ever.) Going out for food now, and then I shall come home and draw more stuffs. \o/ Hooray!

[NC-17] - Watchmen - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement )

March 11th, 2009

Watchmen Pic - Comedian/Ozymandias - All that Glitters [NC-17]

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Only had enough time for a quicky, but I'd had this in mind for a while and I had nice reference for the hand on the forehead to make things go smoothly. Yay! I'd like to fix up the flat spots and am shoving that urge in a dark corner until it goes away since well, I just don't have the time. Especially since my day off tomorrow is dedicated to several illustration gigs that badly need finishing! Thank god next week is spring break so I can /really/ play catchup on projects.

NC-17 - Watchmen - Comedian/Ozymandias - All that Glitters (S&M) )

February 28th, 2009

omg watchmen

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Despite slight miscommunication between [info]nekofreak and I, we met up and made it to Wondercon with perfect timing. The line moved super fast, we got our badges without hassle, and then skimmed through the exhibition hall and up the stairs to make it in to the panel for Watchmen.

So, the opening sequence and the first ten minutes or so was breathtaking. I am even more excited now than I was before.

BUT TO BE HONEST I WAS MORE EXCITED ABOUT JDM'S ADORABLY TOUSLED HAIR AND SPRAWLING. I had line of sight, so I don't think I was even looking at the screen unless he was on it. Ahaha. Out of politeness to the people next to me, well, the person who was not Neko and thus unprepared, I kept my excited wriggling down to a minimum. I wanted to strangle all the idiots who failed at the Q&A, but I'll reluctantly give points to the girl who asked about scenes they were excited or dreading to film and got a sarcastic response from JDM about the spoilerspoiler scene. Sarcasm win.


December 29th, 2008

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - Liberties - [PG]

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I got a crapton of drawing done today, but this is the only thing I finished.

For whomever Kijikun who wrote Little Things in Yuletide this year...

[PG] - Watchmen - Rorschach/Nite Owl - Liberties )

November 25th, 2008

Watchmen Pic - Comedian/Ozymandias - Fade Out [PG-13]

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[info]windsorblue, why is March so far away? D: At least I can be happy that I finished two pics this week. With another three days off, I'm aiming high.

PG-13 - Watchmen - Comedian/Ozymandias - Fade Out )

October 29th, 2008

3d sculpts

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Thought I'd post shots of my midterm. I'm happy mostly with the facial and hair sculpt. Most of what I fixed in terms of facial structure was problems under the mask and around the nose. Although I'm needing to start on my final, I'm also not done with this at all. I'm currently working on fixing the quicky armor pieces that I'd built and making them more movie-accurate. They're not bad for a mock-up, but the scale is off on several things, i.e. the straps need to be widened and the bandolier needs some tweaking after altering the base shape to make it rest better against his chest. Blahblah.

Anyway, had fun messing around tonight in the lab by stripping the accessories and giving him lazy stubble more of a Winchester-y expression. Pls ignore that I just pulled strands out of the existing hair shape. :3

comedian bust and john winchester roughs )

Not counting a brief shopping excursion to buy myself a couple new shirts, I've been at school for about 8 hours. I'd go home now, but J will be out of class in an hour and the lab is pretty empty so I might as well take a break from Zbrush and fuck around in Photoshop since I don't have to worry about hogging a computer. I'm pretty happy with my progress this semester, and being able to hit the workshop every Wednesday is really helping. Since I'm focusing so much on humanoids rather than needing to split that up with just learning the tools, I'm getting a lot faster in roughing out a sculpt. It's fun. I look forward to harnessing the power of my army of 3d boys.

October 20th, 2008

sculpting like mad

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Taking a much-needed break from working on my model. With less than 24 hours until it's due, the to-do list is for my own precious, precious sanity.

If I never have to sculpt hair again...

Comedian bust progress shots, and my to-do list. )
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