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February 20th, 2009

Iron Man Pic - Tony/Steve - Horizons [PG]

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Finally, finally I am done with this stupid thing. Cue shmoop...

[PG] - Iron Man - Tony/Steve - Horizons )

December 31st, 2008

Iron Man Pic - Tony/Steve - Crush [NC-17]

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I am almost finished on all my outstanding commissions. I have only one more sketch to do, one piece gearing up to a full colour draft, and then I need to put several hours into the traditional media piece I auctioned off for charity. A few days and I hope to knock most of that out. :D

So far, the only drawback on my Cintiq is that I need to calibrate the colour to more closely match my primary screen. Either that or I need to work more tonally and then tint and then render out the fine details.

And now, porn.

[NC-17] - iron Man - Tony/Steve - Crush )

Tomorrow I am determined to draw some willowy anime boys before I completely forget how. D:
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