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September 21st, 2013

dinner is in the oven

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J and I drove up to Sonoma today. There was a plein air painting festival in the plaza. It was rainy, but not so bad that they had to close down, so we saw neat paintings and walked around looking at cute buildings and nifty shops.

I napped most of the afternoon away, which was pretty fabulous. Now I am making pot roast for the first time in ages. The apartment smells amazing.

I'm undecided how I feel about Sleepy Hollow. I loved Abbie and a few minor things, but in general I didn't feel engaged and the fish out of water thing was a little tiresome in places. I'll give it a few more episodes anyway. I also watched the pilot for Ironside which I didn't think I'd like based on the first few minutes, but as it got more into the characters I got drawn in. Not sure I'll keep with it yet, either. We shall see! I'm looking forward to Elementary coming back. And also catching up on White Collar.

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September 2nd, 2013

Today has been vastly less productive than the weekend.

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I went to spin class this morning since the gym wasn’t closing for the holiday and it was the best worst idea ever. My body feels great, but I had to nap around 11ish since I'd woken up so early (it was a 7am class and I didn't get to bed until quite late). The apartment right now is like PERFECT napping temperature and I keep having to resist cuddling up for a second nap. So comfy, but I'd like my sleep schedule not to be completely fucked.

Since CBS has been streaming all of S1 Elementary, I've been going through a rewatch. I'm on the last three eps. There's a part of me that really wants to read fic, but the vast majority of me is just so thoroughly satisfied that fic-reading is probably not going to happen.

I'm super pleased though about my progress on the Losers Big Bang. I didn't think I'd get nearly as far as I'm at right now (5 fully inked pages!) and it's making me excited at the thought of actually getting something to print again. I have some thoughts, and a whole lot of PTO saved up for around the holidays. I feel somewhat unprepared for the workweek, as I'm taking some time off the following, so there's a lot to do in four days. I'm hoping also that we'll be reviewing resumes somewhat earlier in the week and not later since I am dead curious what the trimmed down version of our applicant pool looks like.

In other news, more Pacific Rim arts, this time for Hot Dads Awareness Week.

Stacker/Herc fanart )

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August 20th, 2013

Teen Wolf idek.

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My thoughts on the teen wolf finale: what did I just watch; Scott you remain the best ever; Peter=lol forever; I should probably read fic.

I have to say I’m pretty glad I spoil myself for this show because I’m not sure I could manage the various levels of wtf if I didn’t. I still fail to care at all about Peter. My love for Scott just grows and grows though.

On the RL end of things, work is going well. I got thrust in rather abruptly to handle one of the pieces of my new position that I had zero experience in, but despite needing to figure out and wrangle some answers for in-house processes, it was easier and more intuitive than I expected. It's exciting to learn new stuff. I was also on a call with our outside SEO dude and confirmed that everything I'd put in place since the relaunch was spot on, which means he can advise on outside strategy and do the legwork for all that and that leaves me free to continue with migration efforts.

Reminder that my department is hiring. We'll be accepting resumes through the end of this week, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to apply!

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February 10th, 2013

Hey a recap, but mostly TV squee

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Friday: After multiple recs sat down to watch the first ep of the The Following on Hulu. Ended up glued to the screen and having Feelings about Kevin Bacon for the first time in almost twenty years. Felt conflicted but was also reminded that Sebastian Shaw gives me Feelings, so thought it was a good time to finish reading Bound and Determined.

Saturday: Still awake at 5am because I was stupid and ended up STARTING OVER instead of just picking up where I'd fallen behind. Best worst decision of my life. Managed to do very little homework, but got my reference images shot and sorted and prepared. Was too stubborn to lay down for a nap and drew things instead. Also met up with [personal profile] verity and had a delicious dinner with talk of psychic wolves that is making me countdown to Friday. All the best things!

Today: Modeling and polishing the camera match for my shot and then maybe more drawing if I'm timely about it.

Various TV things: I've finally walked away from the bad relationship that was Hawaii 5-0. I had such a hard time quitting it even if it just kept sliding downhill and continually disappointing me in so many ways. My crush on the main cast and Ian Anthony Dale still holds, but the pretty is just not enough. I have the last two eps of White Collar waiting for me, but I wasted my Friday evening time as mentioned above with The Following. I am so completely hooked, and can't quite get over that it's full of my favorite tropes and archetypes in ways that I pretty much never actually SEE on screen. Arm flailing.

Also one of the artists I follow on Tumblr has been on a Trek kick and had started with DS9. I didn't watch it regularly at the time it aired, not like I had with TNG or Voyager or the first few seasons of Enterprise, so I've been putting it on as background noise. I think I've probably seen more than I thought I had. I still love Odo. Early season Bashir still makes me facepalm but I love him anyway. I had also forgotten how much of it was pretty much The Quark Show. I told him that if we ever did a Trek con, I'd totally cosplay Quark in a flashy jacket and J responded by giving me an eyebrow and saying it's only a matter of time before I draw Ferengi porn. I want to say that I'm pretty sure that's a line I wouldn't cross, but over the past two weeks it's become a lulzy pink elephant and now I CAN'T RULE IT OUT ENTIRELY. Sometimes I don't understand myself.

Art post in a sec....

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May 9th, 2011

So much TV, also Thor.

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Took Friday off and went camping this weekend. There was still snow in part of the campground. Cue my being a coastal Californian and being all LOOK SNOW and poking it with a stick. True story.

We came back in time to watch Thor on Sunday. I haven't quite caught up with my EPIC SQUEE yet. I will note that I like this community: [community profile] comicbookmovies because even if I like paper comics, it's the movies that get me to do fannish things. I wish I could find time to draw.

Which in theory would be easier without ALL THIS STUFF TO WATCH SRSLY. I'm caught up now on Game of Thrones. I had a tough time with the premiere in that I didn't feel engaged and was more sitting there feeling like oh this is the same/different also that is not at all how I pictured _____.

Not really spoilery but to be safe... )

I'm catching up slowly on Fringe, too. I miss a lot of the dynamics from early eps, and some of the mythos has hit a peeve button or two, but I've gotten past the big moment which made me need to stop watching for a bit and am looking forward to getting through the rest of the season. Hopefully I can do that before I accidentally get spoiled about anything. Facebook, I'm looking at you.

Two hours to H50....

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January 30th, 2011

oh hay, it's the weekend

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I feel quiet these days. This is probably because I remember when I used to post at least every other day. I've been drawing, and making progress on the two paid gigs I'm doing (one of them is hopefully done by tomorrow, whee). I've also gotten myself a timeline for a lot of the other art obligations that have been woefully unfinished for months.

After J and I got all caught up and current with Doctor Who, he and I are now almost caught up on Psych. I suspect [personal profile] windsorblue will be simultaneously proud of us for finally watching more than bits and pieces and disappointed in me for my shipping tendencies. LOL me.

Another few minutes of working on this piece then I'll be sending it off for feedback. Then I shall make apple-cranberry muffins and possibly more fresh-squeezed OJ to help use up the ridiculous amount of fruit in our apartment. I am thinking more seriously about getting a food mill so I can make applesauce and pear butter.

Hi, internets.

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December 15th, 2010

part of me feels like this is too easy

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Because of my work schedule coupled with J's school schedule (as of next week, not a problem, woo!), I've had to wait until Wednesdays to watch the week's H50 ep.

WHAT IS THIS REALLY. aka 1x12 flailing... )

This show is going to kill me.

Oh, and random job-related PSA: If you are ordering stuff to ship across the US via UPS or FedEX and you want it to arrive by xmas? Upgrade your shipping above ground to be on the safe side. :D

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December 4th, 2010

both intentional and unintentional fannishness

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a. We watched the latest ep of Fringe last night. It has caused me much flailing and thinky thoughts and I love this show so much. Olivia~ <333

b. My design final is proceeding swimmingly! I settled on painting a mandala full of Daleks centered around the Seal of Rassilon. I am halfway done, and it is looking nice.

c. If it is not clear, I have moved on to the drinking and sketching portion of my evening. Unintentional fannishness has ensued due to the beer selection in our fridge.

Longboards, fuck yeah! )

I have possibly read more fic in the last few days than I have all year. It's been nice. Also, more Chin Ho fic pls.

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November 30th, 2010

How much more predictable can I get?

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So J has been watching the new Hawaii Five-0 since it started, right? And I was all, I so don't care. Not even though I've had a crush on Daniel Dae Kim since like his paltry amount of screentime in the second season of 24 and I've always felt a little wibbly over Scott Caan. I watched the original a lot growing up, and thus was all...this guy that is not Jack Lord in this role does not impress me and yeah, whatever, remake. I was immune to the lure, surely it would last! Even if J would casually mention to me: "You'd totally like the characters!" and then this became "Seriously, you'd like them. Also they're slashy." which recently graduated to "Holy crap, when are they going to just make out?" He sent Blue back to the frozen north with episodes and she confirmed that goggles were hardly necessary and also praised the banter. Still I resisted and didn't care.

Then I ran out of episodes of Things to Watch While Doing Homework or Other Work, and so I put on the first ep entirely because I knew it had like 15 seconds of Murphy Norman in it and now I am at episode 7 and have already committed fic reading and god, really, I've felt incapable of writing for all the other shows I am in love with right now, but this, this I could write. If you know, I had any free time whatsoever. ...but done with school in two weeks means this could happen! \o/

Long story short, why do I not listen to them that know me the best? ALSO I AM THE MOST BROKEN AND PREDICTABLE THING EVER AND I THINK I NEED AN ICON. D:

I am however sad they're not rolling around in the original car and it's like a constant Chevy commercial.

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November 20th, 2010

still kicking

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How has it almost been a month since I last posted? I've been around and reading, but with not much energy to actually speak up and say hello. I'm painting again today for my design homework. After this is just designing and painting a mandala. I am considering some sort of dalek-themed mandala. J thinks I should do something art nouveau, but it's the design phase that I don't have much time and energy for. Plus getting [profile] bluesoaring through two and a half seasons of Doctor Who while she was visiting makes me inclined to subject my classmates to more fan art.

I ended up not signing up for Yuletide for the first time in years. It feels...odd. Holidays will be busy at work, plus I'll have finals, and I'm doing some illustration work I picked up at Y-con, so it's best I didn't. At the heart of it though I think I didn't really know what to ask for despite Fringe being an option. Speaking of which, Fringe is killing me lately.

Although this bugs me: )

January is going to be interesting. Work will slow down immensely and I'll be done with classes. I'm considering taking a language to defer my student loans until J picks up some work again, but it'll definitely be different.

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August 12th, 2010

it's like doing stuff

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I may have watched all of Torchwood Season One in the past few days. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it.

Except that I spent my lunch hour thinking that I could totally be reading fic right now.

So, anyone have S1 recs?

July 22nd, 2010

my love for this show is just epic

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Oh White Collar. It's like an hour worth of feet-kicking and embarrassing squealy noises.

And J is sending me screencaps and things... make me alternately squee and LOL at my desk )

May 23rd, 2010

you guys, what am i doing

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After driving home and running errands and forgetting to eat lunch and Not Having Homework, I am mentally all over the place. This has resulted in an afternoon full of not knowing what to do. It's torturous having a general sense of Free Time coupled with being too tired to do much of anything.

Consuming media seemed liked a good choice, but J and I just watched the season finale of Fringe and I am all omgomgomgomg over pretty much everything in it.

It seems that Fanime is next week and people I want to buy art from will be there. I'm not sure if I want to go just for that, even if their art makes me all weak in the knees.


April 3rd, 2010

Opting to stay home

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Counted out my stash of dollar coin bullion to see about attending Wondercon both today and tomorrow. I ultimately decided to stay home today though and save myself an extra $15 to spend on artists who've stuck it out through Sunday. J's had a cold and while I'm pretty sure it's the same strain that I suffered through a couple weeks ago, I was feeling slightly iffy when I woke up today. Think it was mostly that I didn't get much sleep though (from the boy's coughing and worrying about the fact that he had to go to work at 4am, exhausted or not). After breakfast and coffee I'm feeling good, and glad I decided to only go tomorrow. As much as I want to swoon all over Jake Gyllenhaal, I am ambivalent about his movie, and my main draw is ultimately the Human Target crew.

I have a second interview lined up for this coming week, and while I'm not thrilled about a commute, before we moved away from the Santa Cruz area I was accustomed to one and the company is one I'm interested in working for.

Following multiple TV shows again and being current on them is not something I'm used to.

Fringe )


Finally: [community profile] kinked is a Kink Big Bang, running on DW. I highly encourage writers/artists to sign up! 10k words of any kink. With a big fat emphasis on ANY. Your kink is okay <3, and "[the] challenge is open to all forms of kinky eroticism, whether or not they include genital pleasure." I should also mention that it's not fandom-specific, original works are welcome too!

March 10th, 2010

Happy Things

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I am ridiculously tired in that good way. Work was pleasant and went fairly quickly since I had interesting tasks to do. Headed downtown after and spent a full hour at the gym then walked the rest of the way home. Certainly offset the cake for breakfast thing.

So good day over all with White Collar for icing. Oh how I love that USA airs full episodes online the same night they broadcast. \o/

delirious fansquee )

March 4th, 2010

Productivity Go!

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I'm feeling good this morning. Walked home from work the past couple days (in addition to going to the gym) so all the exercise has been nice. I did nothing after I got home last night except watch the White Collar webchat (thank you [personal profile] shadowhuntress!) with Blue and squeal and kick my feet and try not to develop an even bigger crush on Tim DeKay. :x

Had a productive morning, which is probably helping with the feeling good. Did some cleaning and sorting and also fixed myself some lunches to take to work for the rest of the week. Homework is starting to require more attention now that the semester is in full swing, but nothing overwhelming thankfully. My boss got a call from the woman looking over the rental app on our first choice place to verify my employment, so I'm hopeful that we'll find out in the next couple days if we got it. Moving again after only a year blows, but after this, unless J gets a job offer outside the Bay Area, we'll be able to stick in the same place for a while.

p.s. Haven't been commenting much due to reading sporadically, so just a general big wave hello to my corner of the internets. I love you. \o/

March 3rd, 2010


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Oh White Collar. <333 How is it that the show makes me ridiculously happy every single time? Right. Because it is continually full of EVERYTHING I LOVE. Peter = <33333

Human Target comes close, but it doesn't induce quite the same level of giddy feet kicking. Dear Human Target, I love your cracktastic action, but please to be delivering just a teensy bit more backstory.

I... don't want to go to work today.

December 13th, 2009

I regret nothing.

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Last night I picked up pasta for dinner from the cafe around the corner, and instead of working on our finals, J and I watched 5 episodes of White Collar.

In our defense, we were both too exhausted from work to do anything productive.

Also in our defense, we are addicted.

We will be saving the last ep for /after/ finals. I... I'm probably going to need icons. :x

November 22nd, 2009

in order to avoid homework

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- Although I managed surprisingly well on cards last year, there's no way I'm going to manage this year. I'm slightly bummed about this, but I think I'll just resolve to send more random letters throughout the year as that's way more fun to receive.

- I made adorable cupcakes at work again. I wish I had an excuse to make them at home, or a whole lot more people to foist them off on.

- The last two episodes of Fringe made me all excited and giddy, even with a brief Not Sure If Want moment in there. I need to get over my tendency to want to fit things neatly in canon and just write the smushy porn that I want to write.

- There is absolutely no way to reply to an anon thread with you as the subject without a) being a dick, b) encouraging the drama, and c) being a dick. I replied anyway.

- There is absolutely no way to blog/tweet/mention replying to an anon thread with you as the subject without encouraging the drama and being a bit of a dick, but it made me laugh. Oh, people.

- I had this big complicated adventure dream with JDM in it last night. It was awesome. Then I had to get up and go to work, which was less awesome, even though our new brunch cook made me Huevos for breakfast.

- Speaking of our new cook, she's been teaching J how to make stuff. Including this awesome grilled tomato salsa which is downstairs right now, calling to me. She's the best.

- I severely need a nap, but if I sleep now I'll wake up at the time which I should be going to bed. Conflict.
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