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March 24th, 2013

All good things

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No more splint (except at night!) which is leading to my thumb aching more throughout the day, but I’m excitedly relearning how to use the spacebar and how to not be afraid of putting pressure on it.

Overall, I've accomplished a lot this weekend and feel like I'm getting back on track with everything and not as overwhelmed. I went to a spin class yesterday morning which will be going into my routine. It was great fun except for the fact that I haven't ridden my /own/ bike for over a month and oh god, so saddle sore, I can't even. Besides that I have a fic finished and off for a read-through, new arts that I’m no longer hating, and progress on my commissions/obligations. I’m also looking forward to my work week since exciting things are happening. :D

I am hesitant to catch up on SPN, mostly because I hate that I’ve become invested enough again that I don’t want to be disappointed. Buh. I should probably catch up on White Collar first, since that has a much smaller chance of disappointing me. J and I also went to see The Croods, which was much better than I was expecting (Dreamworks movies are so hit and miss with me) but I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, even if I couldn't ever divorce myself from picturing Nic Cage the whole time.

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March 20th, 2013

shifting back towards manageable

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My VFX class is officially done with and I got my critique last night. I did a lot better than I thought I did, which was nice considering all the hurdles along the way. I have my follow-up appointment on Friday for my hand where presumably I will no longer need to wear a splint and get to move on to the physical therapy portion of this ordeal. There's hardly any pain now, thankfully, which means drawing (in photoshop) and gaming is something I can do for longer than just a few minutes at a time. I'm also hopeful this means I can actually work my sewing machine again, as all my costume bits are sitting there just waiting to be assembled.

Work got a bit busy quicker than I expected. Sales conference and then BEA is coming up, so getting all the marketing material ready for that falls on my department. We're thankfully ahead of schedule, so while it's a little stressful in the sense that there are hard, inescapable print deadlines, our end of things is in very good shape.

Summer road trip plans are tightening up, and both J and I have had our requests for time off approved. I'm excited between the road trip and Wincon to actually do two things this year. Hopefully next year we'll be able to plan for an international destination.

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September 14th, 2010

Yay, am fixed!

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Yesterday at work I was able to leave early and get a rush appointment to get my tooth fixed. And it wasn't a kajillion bucks so rent this month is no longer in question. Woo.

Today at work was somewhat stupid though with a combination of overly successful email campaign + all the shit that didn't get done yesterday + running out of necessary inventory. I am looking forward to continuing to get Caught Up on Paperwork tomorrow.

Now I am going to draw until it is my bedtime! ...which would be more exciting if I didn't have to go to sleep in like an hour.

eta: so close to done with this pic I want to just force it, but I need to be up early. I like this one a lot though so it's a little torturous having to put it down! So glad that these kisspics are turning out to be the opposite of stressful. <3

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April 6th, 2010

quick post and then i crash

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Recovering quickly from catching J's version of the cold that's been going around. Sleeping a ton, and did a crap job on my last week's homework because of it, but glad to be feeling better. Job things are looking good, although I'm running into the problem of likely hearing back from my second choice first, as they're looking to fill the position asap and my interview went really well.

Attempted to take photos of the apartment, but man, I need a wide angle lens. Will try again tomorrow. :3 I'm loving our kitchen to bits and have been cooking quite a bit. I baked an apple crisp tonight and it turned out delicious. Amusingly, after initially putting things away, the first time I actually cooked a meal I found myself knowing exactly where things were in which drawer and moving with familiarity in the space. I realised that the layout of sink/cabinets/stove is almost exactly like the layout of our friends' kitchen where we housesat every year for almost a month at a time. Go muscle memory.

Wondercon on Sunday was nice. One of our buddies had a table, so we got to chat and catch up a bit. Wish I'd been feeling less out of it so as to actually stay longer in general, but an hour in the artists alley wiped me out completely. Didn't find many goodies for myself since Fat Rabbit Farm didn't have any shirts in a colour I could remotely wear, and the artists I'd bought from last year didn't make an appearance, but found some cool stuff regardless. Glad we managed to get there in time to catch most of the Human Target preview. The episode is still making me all giddy, I can't wait to see it again. And JEH and Mark Valley, so adorable. I flailed. There even managed to be one relevant question from the audience, too. Mark was saying that through filming, despite pulling from various disciplines, Chance definitely has his own fighting style developing. I think that's pretty nifty. :D

More sleep for me now!

February 20th, 2010

two whole days off

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Overcast again today, I'm hoping for at least a bit of sun on Monday. For the most part I handled winter pretty well this year, but my anxiety/depression the past six months has been relatively debilitating. Having a regular schedule again in terms of work, activity, and eating is helping a lot in terms of keeping me out of any really low swings. Still, I would like some more sun.

Work was stupidly busy, like non-stop busy. We nearly sold out almost two hours before closing if not for putting out some extra items. And I posted this to my twitter, but it's awesome, so I'm saying it again here. After I left the shop, in the little bushy tree right outside the door there was a hummingbird asleep in its nest. So amazing. Really wish that I'd had a camera and tripod to have been able to take a photo without disturbing it.

I have a lot of things to do on my days off this week, especially since I'm playing a little catch up after previously working six days, but of everything I have to do I think I'm most excited to sew. Finally went in to Stone Mountain and got myself some nice remnants to play with.

Tired now, phone is charging so as not to be dead, back to the realm of the living tomorrow.
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