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February 20th, 2009

Iron Man Pic - Tony/Steve - Horizons [PG]

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Finally, finally I am done with this stupid thing. Cue shmoop...

[PG] - Iron Man - Tony/Steve - Horizons )

December 31st, 2008

Iron Man Pic - Tony/Steve - Crush [NC-17]

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I am almost finished on all my outstanding commissions. I have only one more sketch to do, one piece gearing up to a full colour draft, and then I need to put several hours into the traditional media piece I auctioned off for charity. A few days and I hope to knock most of that out. :D

So far, the only drawback on my Cintiq is that I need to calibrate the colour to more closely match my primary screen. Either that or I need to work more tonally and then tint and then render out the fine details.

And now, porn.

[NC-17] - iron Man - Tony/Steve - Crush )

Tomorrow I am determined to draw some willowy anime boys before I completely forget how. D:

June 14th, 2008

Iron Man Sketch - Tony&Rhodey WIP [G]

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Ahaha comic art level up. Or well, halfway at least, since naturally I spent 90% of my time on facial features and need to do a half-dozen or so passes on the rest of it to get the proportions and anatomy right, and then probably one more overall pass to tighten up my lineart. When I think of it like that it seems daunting, but I imagine with my current level of fangirl I'll find the energy to finish this. I'll have to devote some time to the last set of drawbles I took though so I get back to working on leveling up my bishounen skills.

[G] - Iron Man - Tony and Rhodey sketch )

June 12th, 2008

Iron Man Fic - Stark/Rhodes/Jarvis - Like a Catholic Girl on Prom Night [R]

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This was supposed to be for [info]porn_battle, but it's too big for a comment. I spent too long perving on suit functionality. ^^; The original prompt was: Iron Man, Rhodey/Jarvis, "yeah, he WOULD build you like that".

Like a Catholic Girl on Prom Night
Iron Man. Stark/Rhodes/Jarvis. R. 1500 words.
"You fuck your robot suit."

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June 1st, 2008


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Since [info]nekofreak hadn't seen Iron Man yet, I used this as a flimsy excuse to go see it again. Upon third viewing? STILL SMOKING HOT AND AWESOME.

I... I tried to pretend like I wasn't falling hard, but, well. I have icons now. That says enough. :x

Also, the evil twin talked me into robot tentacle porn, and I talked her into a Supernatural/Iron Man crossover. She writes like a fiend though, so the tentacle porn lags behind.

Behold the flaming panties hotness:

Drive You Wild - SPN/Iron Man - Sam/Dean/Tony - 4k words of omgporn by [info]blue_soaring.

Baby, you kill me.

May 30th, 2008

cleaning out the emails... and some iron man fanart

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I went through my inbox ruthlessly to clear out the detritus and so I could actually /see/ the important things which need responding to. That responding to is on the to-do list for tomorrow after the requisite fresh batch of omg-give-me-a-job-already emails littered with the appropriate action verbs. The humane society down the street is hiring for a position I'm over-qualified for, and paying roughly half than the places I'm at round two on, and that one's looking like a no-go. I'm beginning to fear I am jinxed for everywhere I actually want to work and devote my energy towards. Seriously, nothing sucks more than seeing a fresh post for a job you applied for a week prior. @_@ Job hunting drives me crazy. So much crazy that I'm actually looking at the design field again and considering going back to selling my soul and dying inside for infuriating clients with zero morals. I remind myself that I have a cute illustration gig in the meantime for a perfectly nice client.

Aside from sending off resumes to die in a big black void somewhere in the intertubes and also cleaning up my emails, I biked with J to the marina today. We were riding against the wind on the way there, and my knees felt it by the time we got off the road. I sat on a bench and squirrel watched for a bit while J lazed in the grass. There was a baby squirrel which was the Cutest Thing Ever, and after that scampered off, I moved over onto the grass too. Lazing felt supremely nice, and it was kindof adorable when the mama squirrel came up so close as to nibble on the bike light strapped to my backpack. Hee.

The rest of the housemates joined us in going to watch Iron Man again. Unf. Second viewing retains high level of omfgwee. So amazingly sexy, in so many ways. Pls to be hurrying up with sequel so I can fangirl to death over War Machine. ...oh man, suddenly it occurs to me that I should totally draw some Tony Stark/War Machine. :x

ETA: Did a quick Stark/Rhodes doodle. Um, haha, pardon the scrawl. Next time I want to draw Stark crawling naked all over Rhodes in War Machine and oh, I don't know, sucking on something phallic, but this'll do to sate my fangirling for now. :3

[PG-13] - Iron Man - Stark/Rhodes - How's the Fit? )

May 17th, 2008

Post-Semester Checklist

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Finals ended yesterday, and my To-Do List for this weekend is:

Sleep 8 hours straight
Cake for breakfast (thank you, neko!)
Have margaritas with J.
Pick up clay and sculpture tools
See Iron Man
Play a shitload of LOTRO (ongoing)

I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

But really, the important one crossed off on that list tonight was Iron Man. How about that two hour orgasm, huh? sldkfjlskjg. Every movie should have robot fights.

RDJ ilu.
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