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Supernatural Pic - Sam/Dean - Hush [PG]

Supernatural Pic - Sam/Dean - Hush [PG]

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Art, wot? Kudos to the evil twin for not letting me hide the sketch for this under the virtual rug.

Direct link to image.

It's a bit dark, but I didn't have a ton of free time to work on it, so that ended up being an easy way of not having to worry about a lot of detail. :p

  • :D!

    Dean's little brow-wrinkle kills me with the nummy, and omg, I didn't tell you how good you nailed (tee) Sam in this--even managed to get the pointy noise thing happening. <333!
    • pee ess: you should icon it for me 'cause I LOFFS it. :3
    • *flop* I'm so tired. Sam didn't turn out well at all in the sketch since I didn't have a good reference, but I like how he turned out in here. ^_^ This week in figure drawing we're doing the head and stuffs.

  • absolutly gorgeous ♥ i'm always in awe of your talent ^^
    • I feel so weird since I hardly have anything new for y-con this year!
      • you have lots of sn stuff~ and everyone loves your work old or new so don't sweat it ^_~ *squish*
  • This is rather gorgeous :-). I adore how the small amount of visible stuff implies the un-drawn area. And those tiny hints of necks and eyelids... Lovely :).
    • Thanks so much! ^^ I think Sam's eyelashes are my favourite part.
  • I love that shadowy glimpse feel to it.
  • Wow. That's brilliant. I've never seen one episode of Supernatural. I am not a fangirl. This is exceptional. Kudos.
  • Oh CRAP this makes me regret not being in this damn fandom. :D I LOVE this. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this, so darkly shaded. It's fabulous.
  • Beautiful.
  • Dude, that is awesome. I can't stop staring at it.
  • Beautiful.
  • UNF.. See, I think the bitty bits of light in this make it that much better, because it is left up to ones imagination as to what's going on. Also, awesome awesome expressions. AND SAM'S EYELASHES

    I shall go flail now.
  • (Anonymous)
    Oooh! Verry nice! Kind of darkly optimistic, like the show. I think Sam is asleep and Dean is allowing his inner angst to show while little bro can't see. And it's like... well there's that glow, where does THAT come from..? - just this little firefly glimmer between them as though they're the last spirits left clinging to the world while the darkness draws in around them, but their love for eachother is all the light they need to survive... okay I'm starting to sound like the Hallmark channel here. But you know what I mean ;)

    Fledge, LJ

  • Hey, here through fleshflutter from livejournal.

    This is stunning. To me, it seems to brilliantly evoke all the sharp edges and shadows of their own souls, while still effortlessly capturing the dark, desperate grace of how they live and fight and love.

    Wow. I just can't stop staring.
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