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Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

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Was going to title this "things change" but then I went for relatively obscure song lyrics instead. Decided to give Dan the movie hood, since I can fathom how it's constructed, but that's okay because movie!Rorschach, makes my heart break even more. (I am the most predicable girl ever.) Going out for food now, and then I shall come home and draw more stuffs. \o/ Hooray!

  • Oh, dear God, the BITEYNESS!!!


    Erm. I might have a kind of a thing about bitesex. Sort of.


    Also? Freckles are love. Srsly.
    • :D

      Bitesex is hot! Especially when it leaves marks. Yes. Purr.

      I felt so yay breaking out my freckle brush again since I haven't drawn any Weasely's in a while to put it to use otherwise! :p

      (psst... got called in to work today so that put me 8 hours behind, but I'm /trying/ to get your image done! If not today, it'll be tomorrow for certain!)
      • No worries. I'm begind schedule too with the layout, so it's all good.

        *Goes to drool at picture some more...*
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