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Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

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Was going to title this "things change" but then I went for relatively obscure song lyrics instead. Decided to give Dan the movie hood, since I can fathom how it's constructed, but that's okay because movie!Rorschach, makes my heart break even more. (I am the most predicable girl ever.) Going out for food now, and then I shall come home and draw more stuffs. \o/ Hooray!

  • Oh my GOD. I fucking love you, this is gorgeous and absolutely heart-breaking.

    I am especially entranced by Rorschach's skin and I love the glimpse of the city outside. And, you know, the masks and the Rorschach's scattered clothing. But, god, his skin is so perfect.

    • They break my heart so good. Unf. And I'm so happy to be drawing someone with freckles again! freckles = love!
      • I admit I was totally kind of trying not to see that pairing in the movie and yet it was SO THERE I couldn't help but see it.

        They're so sweet and so, so heartbreaking. Oh, boys.
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