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Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

Watchmen Pic - Rorschach/Nite Owl - In Cobwebs and the Cement [NC-17]

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Was going to title this "things change" but then I went for relatively obscure song lyrics instead. Decided to give Dan the movie hood, since I can fathom how it's constructed, but that's okay because movie!Rorschach, makes my heart break even more. (I am the most predicable girl ever.) Going out for food now, and then I shall come home and draw more stuffs. \o/ Hooray!

  • OMG I love you.
    • :D I thrive on love.

      I have illustration gigs to finish, but I hope having this week off means a lot more porn.
  • OMG. The insane hotness of this froze me for a solid minute. I still can't stop staring at it. You win at everything.
    • :D I am so ridiculously happy how it turned out, and that I even managed something like a background and everything. Spring break is awesome.
      • You should be happy, it's freaking great.

        Also, I forgot to mention in my original comic (I blame the hotness, guh) but I love that they both have their masks on. It's so fetishistic and that's the most interesting part of this pairing for me. <3
  • Oh my GOD.

    You know...I could never before see Dan on top in this relationship, and you have officially changed that for me. I fucking love every detail in this, but in particular the way Dan is holding on to the mask. His sexuality is so fetishised, and that you would include a detail like that is just...

    Guh. Sex on wheels. Or owl ship. Oh, to be a fly on the wall...
    • There's nothing quite as fun as convincing someone with porn.

      I think it's precisely Dan's fetish that makes it so easy for me to view him as a top sexually, whereas otherwise he definitely fits the submissive/nurturing category. Also it's a stretch for me to imagine Rorscach as being anything other than repressed and closeted (damaged psyche aside!), so it's harder for me to see him pushing a very close relationship to sexual. I adore thinking of them as unrequited, but picturing porn? This is how I expect it goes. :p

      So happy you like the handling of the mask! I'm so pleased with how it all turned out.

      Next time, I planning to get my Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis on. :3
      • I absolutely love your reasoning for Dan top, and now that I think about it more I can really see him being the aggressor in a guiding, uniquely D'awwwwniel way.

        And god, YES. I've always felt like Daniel's need for the costumes and the action was centered around his focusing on the mask, how he's fetishised it over the years.

        And excuse me? What? Did you just mention my absolute Watchmen OTP? I love you. And you should see this -

        Confirmed by Dave Gibbons and in the movie for a half second, btw ^_~
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    means... No words.
  • Oh my god...So hot it hurts...Amazing-Amazing picture! So amazing it hurts!
    • Thanks so much! It feels good to have finished something that's more of a full image. :D
  • Night Owl really has a thing for those windows, doesn't he?! Also, YAY
  • Wow! It's utterly gorgeous and somehow very fitting for them. Beautiful work!
    • Aw thank you! I'm so happy it turned out so well, I've been dying to draw porn for them for a while now!
  • That's HOT, woman!
  • Oh my GOD. I fucking love you, this is gorgeous and absolutely heart-breaking.

    I am especially entranced by Rorschach's skin and I love the glimpse of the city outside. And, you know, the masks and the Rorschach's scattered clothing. But, god, his skin is so perfect.

    • They break my heart so good. Unf. And I'm so happy to be drawing someone with freckles again! freckles = love!
      • I admit I was totally kind of trying not to see that pairing in the movie and yet it was SO THERE I couldn't help but see it.

        They're so sweet and so, so heartbreaking. Oh, boys.
  • Ohhhhh this makes me VERY HAPPY ♥
  • This is absolutely amazong. Dan is the only person I think Rorschach could bottom to and you've illustrated their relationship beautifully here. I love the skin patterns and the shadows. It's an amazing image you've created here! Well done!
    • I love thinking of them as unrequited since that's even a little more hurty and I am a Great Big Sucker for Angst, but yes, totally. I can't really picture Rorschach with anyone else at all, at least, not in a way that isn't non-con, but oh with Dan, yesyesyes I can totally picture him giving it up. Yum. Thank you so much!
  • Oh, dear God, the BITEYNESS!!!


    Erm. I might have a kind of a thing about bitesex. Sort of.


    Also? Freckles are love. Srsly.
    • :D

      Bitesex is hot! Especially when it leaves marks. Yes. Purr.

      I felt so yay breaking out my freckle brush again since I haven't drawn any Weasely's in a while to put it to use otherwise! :p

      (psst... got called in to work today so that put me 8 hours behind, but I'm /trying/ to get your image done! If not today, it'll be tomorrow for certain!)
      • No worries. I'm begind schedule too with the layout, so it's all good.

        *Goes to drool at picture some more...*
  • fmnsklfjdskl freckles!! <3
  • *stares, dumbfounded* So hot. AKJHDJG! \o/
    Also, you win at freckles. :D~
  • Soso hot! o.o
  • i wish i had more to say than just "UNF" but i really, really don't. i love this pairing, and good god this art and the use of their masks is sexy as hell. & Dan topping (sort of) makes me pretty happy too. ♥ Thankyou!
  • The thing I love most about you is how I can always count on you to have beautiful art for whatever my latest obsession is. <3

    Possibly a strange this to fixiate on, but I LOVE the freckles.
  • <3!!! Love that you left both masks on, yesesss.
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