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Watchmen Pic - Comedian/Ozymandias - All that Glitters [NC-17]

Watchmen Pic - Comedian/Ozymandias - All that Glitters [NC-17]

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Only had enough time for a quicky, but I'd had this in mind for a while and I had nice reference for the hand on the forehead to make things go smoothly. Yay! I'd like to fix up the flat spots and am shoving that urge in a dark corner until it goes away since well, I just don't have the time. Especially since my day off tomorrow is dedicated to several illustration gigs that badly need finishing! Thank god next week is spring break so I can /really/ play catchup on projects.


    I. *pants* I MEAN. HIS HAIR. The CIGAR and the CIGAR burn.

    Typing abilities failing and petering out into nothing.


    ...btw, is your default Comedian icon shareable? I am so in love with it.

    I think what kills me is that Ozymandias is, on some level, LETTING HIM. Because, hey, he can kick Comedian's ass if he really chooses to.

    Also, PRETTY. GOD. *stares at Ozymandias's eyebrows*
  • Fantastic.
  • Nnnnghh! I am *so* going to watch this movie this weekend!
    Awesome! Their hair, and the cigar and all the shadows in just the right place... Wow!
  • I swear, you could talk me into shipping any pairing you could come up with. This is just beautiful. <3
  • my exact reaction upon first seeing it:

    me: OH YES! THIS IS MY PICTURE! Ooooooooh you always make me SO happy! I no longer care that I will have only 5 hours of sleep. I just have to stare at this for just a bit longer...*stares at picture*....


    don't mind me, I'll just be here in the corner being happy with my new wallpaper...this hits my buttons all over the place!...heeheheheheh *drools*
  • Can't see it. :(((

    And I so wanted to. I've just come back from watching the movie.
  • Oh, wow! This is AMAZING!!! The hand on the forehead is just perfect!
  • :o

    Oh! Of course he would do that! Mmmm.

    (And that just begs the hypothetical question: would a latex costume help keep a cigar inside a person? I still think it's a pity Bubastis is female... but what if she had a brother? :D Ah, perversion... it's so easy.)
  • you leave me speechless, as usual

    Wow. Just... wow.


  • I....uh.....oh.

    First of all - OTP! Second of all...holy fuck. The composition and the angle just leaves me in AWE. The bedclothes delight me...oh Ozy, never change your color scheme.

    I love this. I fucking adore this. Having just gotten back from my fourth (eee) screening, I spent the entire time relizing that Sally and Adrian have a lot of the same expressions when talking about Eddie...You READ my mind.

  • jfdsklfjdks YUM!! :d
  • OH MY GOD!! thts so freaking hot i actually started on fire a little bit!
    sorry i have nothing constructive to say ^^
    • Exuberence is treasured equally alongside constructive comments, after all, I am swimming in massive amounts of fandomjoy, so I understand completely. :3

    I was JUST wandering around the internet looking for Watchmen porn (again) and I thought, "No, I already checked Ponderosa's stuff,"...and then I remembered.

    So gorgeous. I am particularly in love with the eyelashes. So many forget the eyelashes and eyelashes are like your THING.

    Sorry, I like lashes. But I love this even more! Thank you!
    • Re:

      :3 Is there a lot showing up? I'm too wussy to read any now that the movie is out for some reason!

      <333 glad you like the lashes, I love drawing the really fair blonde boys and being able to render them like this!

      (p.s. if you swing by again, click on OpenID and drop your url in there, it'll auto-link back to your journal!)
  • Before, I was all, oooh pretty, who are these ppl

    Now? Now I have ♥♥♥
    • Mwehe. I am maybe going to die a little extra when I get to go see it again.
  • I'm not sure I like the Comedian, but your drawings are always wonderful! (And have you seen these JDM pics? Unff unff!)

    Enjoy your spring break and take a little time for you!
    • Well, he isn't a very likable character and all. :p Unless you're like me and you adore the sadists with a severe lack in morals. (I... I had not seen all of them, zomg.)

      :D So far so good! I still haven't managed to go out and do much, but I've been reading a lot (actual books, shock!) which has felt fabulous.
      • Man, I'm kind of in love with his hands and jewelry. *purrs*

        Oooh, what books? Any good ones?
  • Oh... fuck me. Adrian/Eddie has become my sneaky!badwrong!OTP after falling in love with Watchmen, and sdlkfjlskd THIS. You've kind of killed me a little.
    • Hee. Pardon me while I make a fresh notch on the bedpost.

      I think it wins in the badwrong department. :d I have some canon pairings to draw next, but after that, I'll see about doing more for these two!
  • (Anonymous)
    I'm not sure I'm really into slash, but this is a wonderful pic. Do some more Eddie/Ozy, please:) Also, why did you call it "All that Glitters"? It does seem fitting, of course.

  • re: all that glitters

    guh i, oh my...the way Eddie is forcing Adrian's head back, his mouth, guuuh
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