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best hiatus ever

best hiatus ever

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dear kink meme,

thank you for all the hot daddyfic.

hugs and kisses,


I only dropped a single request because everything I would've asked for was already showing up in spades.

Now if I could just stop trolling the thing long enough to finish my spn xmas gift....

Also, I have joined the new [info]moviefics comm, because I figure it's about time I start actively posting places again and I like panfandom places. Lookit me, being sociable. Wee.
  • I love that meme so so so much.

    Try and guess my prompts. =P
    • It is possibly the best anon kink meme I've played on. Possibly because the relatively limited pairings means I'm not like glazing over 9/10 prompts.

      Oh man, how many have you left? I left /one/!

      I've answered more than a few though. :p I think between us, team porn has like 14k words on that meme already. XDDDD
      • I think I left about 10 prompts or so... most of them involving Jared or Sam. *^_^*
  • A totally unrelated comment. One of my flist posted a link to a Batman Begins/Dark Knight animated mood theme. It features most the characters and quite a few are Joker orientated. Thought of you and figured I'd share the link here. Even if you don't grab it, enjoy ;)
    • Ah, pity it's animated, I'm kinda over that since when I keep my windows open it's distracting! If you see a standard mood theme though, feel free to link me, my tenenbaums theme looks so odd with my spn layout. XD
  • Your post reminds me I need to start stretching my writing wings and start considering other fandoms. *shakes head* It's just so hard to focus on others, though the Watchmen looks promising!

    And that kink meme is just too interesting, and if I'm not careful, I'll lose an entire day to it!
    • I started out monofandom and now I'm a complete butterfly. I find some fandoms absolute bitches to write for, but in general, I think I like the variety since I don't fall into characterization ruts and such. ^^
  • all the hot daddyfic.

    don't suppose you'd want link your favorites?
    • this john/dean with humiliation/spanking


      this j3 with collars and winchester roleplay

      are currently at the top of the list. Someone has been doing a fantastic time tagging all the stories/prompts here at delicious if you want an easy way to browse. I'm hesitant to read non-con or dub-con with John unless I know the author, so there are quite a few I haven't read. In general though, the quality of writing on the meme has been fairly high!
      • Awesome. John-centric & John/Dean is the only kind of Supernatural fiction I'm reading these days, so it's nice to be able to go right to what I'm looking for. :) Thanks kindly for the links.
  • I was wondering if you were playing in it! And kind of curious if you'd answered any :3

    I have answered a lot. Now I kind of want to go back and poke at it and see if I can figure out which ones are yours. lol.

    I left a lot of prompts *shifty eyes* This kink meme really is like, the most fun ever. I seriously cannot stop refreshing it. I really have lost entire days to it.

    And it also makes me wonder which ficlets might be Blue's... I know I read a couple that were so mind-blowingly hot and amazingly well-written that it could be either of you, since you both are such talented authors.

    Uh, I will stop babbling at you now.

    HI! <3
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