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Iron Man Pic - Tony/Steve - Crush [NC-17]

Iron Man Pic - Tony/Steve - Crush [NC-17]

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I am almost finished on all my outstanding commissions. I have only one more sketch to do, one piece gearing up to a full colour draft, and then I need to put several hours into the traditional media piece I auctioned off for charity. A few days and I hope to knock most of that out. :D

So far, the only drawback on my Cintiq is that I need to calibrate the colour to more closely match my primary screen. Either that or I need to work more tonally and then tint and then render out the fine details.

And now, porn.

Tomorrow I am determined to draw some willowy anime boys before I completely forget how. D:
  • sweet fuck on a cracker.
    oh my ... *ish rendered stupid*
  • Oh my, that is beautiful. <3
  • Yay, the hotness is back!! May we please have the Joker/Two-Face face fuck I requested? Please, please, please! :)
  • Wow! It's both intimate and hot, and they look just gorgeous.
  • um, *waves* not sure if you got my email or not, but um, after seeing this, can i have my rude/tseng pic like that? that's freakin hawt!
    • Hee. I think the sketch I have you'll like. It's very similar in feel, just you know, with office chair involved :p
      • really? really really? *ish excited* it possible to see the sketch? or, should i wait and be all "oooh and aah?"
  • Holy mother of god.

    This is just...the best possible thing that could have happened today. I've been staring at this for like, tenb minutes just picking out and obsessing over the details. Steve wearing pants, the scratches, Tony;s nails tearing strips from his back (God damn super soldier...). The come, the saliva, Tony clinging to him and god DAMN it just...looks like them.

    I'm so blown away. Do you accept porn? I can offer porn. And, you know, first borns.
    • Hee. :D I totally wanted to draw costumed sex, but I decided against it. That'll be next time.

      And oh man, I love porn. I totally read what you had at your writing journal too and sflkjsl, I have nothing but dirty thoughts about the shield now.
      • Oh wow, you did? Ahaha thank you! Shield!sex is just...nngh. That thing was made to have Tony (or Bucky...or Spidey...) sprawled across it.

        Now I must write more! And holy crap, I await costume sex...!!
      • As promised!
  • Oh yeah. That worked. C'mon and wake up, pet, we've got porn to porn! I've decided against errands because... well, I dun wanna. So!

  • Lovely! Very lovely!
  • lovely! I watch and learn.
    and yay, willowy boys. but these hunks are mighty satisfying, too, all sticky like that.
  • NO ONE is complaining about the non-willowy-ness.

  • Oh, glee. ♥

    (Yay for mad mad Tony's-stupid-yet-adorable-facial-hair love!)
  • Oh good goddamn. O_O

    This is gorgeous, I especially love the facial expressions and detailing. But I think my favorite thing might be the musculature in Tony's left arm. I just keep staring at it.

    Migod, Steve's hand on Tony's cock. Migod.
  • I've been sent your way by my girl ([info]duffnstuff) and I must say, that is probably the sexiest picture of Steve and Tony that I've ever seen. The scratches and bruises are killing me (in a good way, of course) and I keep scrolling back up to stare at the expression on Tony's face. <3
  • *brain melts into a puddle* Guh.
  • mmm yea! that is very very nice :d

    but i will not object to willowy anime boi sex either ^_~
  • WUG! <3 <3 <3

    love, lore
  • You don't know me, but I love you.
  • You don't know me either, but i love you too ::spasm::
    I love their haaaaaair, The entire picture is incredible but the faces and the haaaaaaair... i'm such a hair, eyes, and nose person. And i love the detail of the sticky ness between the lips ::gguuuh::
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