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Harry Potter Pic - Draco - Fallen Grace [PG]

Harry Potter Pic - Draco - Fallen Grace [PG]

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Work went well today. I was on my own about 90% of the time, and there wasn't the early lunch rush that there was yesterday so I had a lot more time to learn the register for all of that. I only screwed up twice on the complicated types of orders that I haven't been solidly trained for so I feel good about the day. I even got complimented for my latte making skills! Being the only person at counter means I'll need to learn to how to start the milk steaming while I'm busy getting pastries out of the case and then get back to it before it scalds. That's definitely where my major slowdown is as I'm getting better at snapping the bags open with one hand while half-crawling into the case to reach stuff. Hee.

When I got home, I was getting some old art back up on my site in the HP section and was struck with the want to draw Draco. The fabric is all over the place. I'm going to pretend his shirt is practically torn apart to explain this. It's a feature.

  • G...good lord. He looks incredibly sensual. And very much waiting for the second act to follow up the tearing-off-of-shirt. :P
  • Fuck me, that's beautiful. I love how light his eyelashes are. And the shading on his left cheek is so perfect, it makes that eye look so smoky. The expression on his face too, he looks half-annoyed, half-"come-hither."

    And his neck, we won't even go into how much time I've wasted staring at that utterly lickable neck.


    Here's hoping you feel further urges to draw Draco!

    It's a feature.

    *cracks up* You pay extra for that. *nod*
  • The image that popped into my mind when I saw this was:

    Draco letting someone use his body for something he wants. He was just thrown on the ground and he is giving them(him) the "I am submitting but that is all you will get out of me, don't expect me to go out of my way for you!" look.

    OMG *squeel*
  • Lovely! Absolutely gorgeous. I love how the light falls over him and makes him almost translucent. It fits him so well, giving him that fragile look. And those lips are very very kissable. :-)
  • Oh wow! I have never been much of a Draco fan, but that is an incredibly beautiful picture. :)
  • This is gorgeous. Guh.
  • i should be getting that um... brain go smoosh. info emailed to you soon.
    i'm just brainless recently (birthday on the 2nd and physical testing for paramedic course today! nerves!)
    i guess it's sorta okay if i'm pokey. and i need more sleep coz i dont' think i know what i'm babbling about anymore! yeeeesh.
  • Beautiful!
  • SQUEEBLE! How can a white dress shirt be So. Damn. Hot??

    (I seem to be using that phrase a lot for your art. ^_^ )
  • Completely gorgeous. The mouth is so perfect and sensual, but they eyes! Are intoxicatingly beautiful. What a perfect blue. And the blonde lashes KILL me. That bit of green in corner? Excellent touch.

    Glad the job is going so well!
  • Oh good lord that is gorgeous. The eyes, wow.
  • that's gorgeous!! ^^

    in other news this made me think of you >3
  • He looks utterly gorgeous. Yay for Draco drawing urges! ;)
  • absolutely beautiful
    I think you really captured the turmoil and angst that most of us Draco lovers want to believe he has ;)
  • (Anonymous)
    I don't think I'll ever know how you mangaged to draw the eyes so perfectly. They really make the piece, although it is pretty damn near flawless all up. I like the fact that the fabric is anywhere, it adds to the etheral atmosophere! Just stunning light and shade! My only criticism is that next to such a wonderfully 3D image, the tie seems a little 2D... But yeah, nice work!
  • I... I don't... I mean... JESUS!!! :O!!! *squirms* That's just absolutely gorgeous. I am particularly taken with his hair and eyes. And the shirt... it's white and sort of makes him look almost angelic... but it's ripped and just... he looks an angel who's just been thoroughly debauched, lol. I love it!!! :D
  • Holy fuck, that's absolutely beautiful! The eyes, that *expression* of come hither/challenge/defiance... *shudders*

    Amazing colours/shades too! I'm not usually much into fanart, but this slayed me altogether.
  • So very beautiful. I love his eyes and eyelashes, and the way his hair falls on his forehead. Excellent work!~Sophia
  • (Anonymous)
    Oh my goodness, he is so incredibly gorgeous! He looks so angelic, but we know better, don't we? I really love how aristocratic his nose is and how, at a moment's notice, those lips could turn into an amused smirk. This is the first time I've seen your artwork (I saw this piece linked on LJ's Quibbler Report community) and I'm curious, because I am no artist myself: what art medium is this? Oil? Photoshop?
  • Oh, he's so beautiful... *strokes him* And to me it looks like he's wearing a shirt that's too big for him. I like that thought.
  • I can't really think of anything to say that everyone who commented ahead of me hasn't already sad! But this is just awesome, so beautiful.
  • Oh my...this is stunning! I just want to bite him or lick him or both...erm...excuse me.

    Sorry about that!

    This really is beautiful, though. I love his eyes, his whole expression really--I can't stop staring. I don't know how, but he seems vulnerable and fully in control at the same time. And his hair--I'm sorry, I'm having trouble finding good words here, but this is gorgeous.
  • That is ridiculously beautiful. The colouring, his expresssion, everything. It's like my perfect Draco.
  • Oh, he's gorgeous! I'm definitely into the torn shirt idea - and those eyes are just asking for more! Mmm... very nice. :-)
  • (Anonymous)
    ZOMG! This is just delicious in all ways!!!
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