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cleaning out the emails... and some iron man fanart

cleaning out the emails... and some iron man fanart

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I went through my inbox ruthlessly to clear out the detritus and so I could actually /see/ the important things which need responding to. That responding to is on the to-do list for tomorrow after the requisite fresh batch of omg-give-me-a-job-already emails littered with the appropriate action verbs. The humane society down the street is hiring for a position I'm over-qualified for, and paying roughly half than the places I'm at round two on, and that one's looking like a no-go. I'm beginning to fear I am jinxed for everywhere I actually want to work and devote my energy towards. Seriously, nothing sucks more than seeing a fresh post for a job you applied for a week prior. @_@ Job hunting drives me crazy. So much crazy that I'm actually looking at the design field again and considering going back to selling my soul and dying inside for infuriating clients with zero morals. I remind myself that I have a cute illustration gig in the meantime for a perfectly nice client.

Aside from sending off resumes to die in a big black void somewhere in the intertubes and also cleaning up my emails, I biked with J to the marina today. We were riding against the wind on the way there, and my knees felt it by the time we got off the road. I sat on a bench and squirrel watched for a bit while J lazed in the grass. There was a baby squirrel which was the Cutest Thing Ever, and after that scampered off, I moved over onto the grass too. Lazing felt supremely nice, and it was kindof adorable when the mama squirrel came up so close as to nibble on the bike light strapped to my backpack. Hee.

The rest of the housemates joined us in going to watch Iron Man again. Unf. Second viewing retains high level of omfgwee. So amazingly sexy, in so many ways. Pls to be hurrying up with sequel so I can fangirl to death over War Machine. ...oh man, suddenly it occurs to me that I should totally draw some Tony Stark/War Machine. :x

ETA: Did a quick Stark/Rhodes doodle. Um, haha, pardon the scrawl. Next time I want to draw Stark crawling naked all over Rhodes in War Machine and oh, I don't know, sucking on something phallic, but this'll do to sate my fangirling for now. :3

  • hi im new and you are one of my fav. artist can we be friend's?

    hi i love all your work ........just wow
    um.... if its ok i added you to my friends list your my
    first pick cause i just fell in love with your art work
    um.... if you want me to i will take you off of it it you
    don't want to be my first fried sorry in advance

    • Re: hi im new and you are one of my fav. artist can we be friend's?

      Aw thank you, and I'm honoured that you added me first! I don't mind the add at all. :)
  • My TOES ARE CURLING. Eeeeeee. I went nuts for Downey Jr. as Stark in this film, and though my slash goggles couldn't see anything but Stark/Stane in the film, I'll go nuts for anything you draw featuring this character! &hearts
    • ^_^ Having seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for the billionth time only a few days before going into Iron Man it took me a few minutes to switch gears and really see RDJ as Stark, but once it dug in, I just... sdlfkjsl. Oh, it makes me all giddy. I can /totally/ see the Stark/Stane, and the moment when Stane clues him in on the backstabbing? I have flail. I think I'll take Stark anyway I can get him, although when it comes down to it my overwhelming suckerness for the loyal best friend dynamic wins out. Hee.
      • I was seeing Stark/Stane from the moment they had that montage of magazine covers near the beginning, and there's that one of--what was it, Newsweek? Doesn't matter--that talks about the young wunderboy Stark taking over where his dad left off, and he and Stane are posed kind of smoulderingly looking over their shoulders at each other, slightly resentfully, and I just MRFPHFFPHFFF'd and died. :D

        (And he bought Obadiah PAJAMAS. And he ASKS ABOUT THEM. NRGGGG.)
  • *grin* squirrels are love (btw, have you ever tried teaching the pronunciation of "squirrel" to a regular Japanese person? ^^; it is rather adorable...)

    our squirrels are a bit different from the ones I encountered in the US, though. Ours are mostly either a dark, dark brown (almost black) or a quite bright red. ^_^

    on a completely different note and just out of curiosity, when do you sign a pic with "Pond" and when do you use your real name? Because for a while I thought it was original vs. fanart, but... it's not. XD
    • I adore squirrels, they make my day whenever I see them! And ha, I can imagine, the word doesn't break down easily into the proper syllables!!

      Oh, I've seen pictures of that kind before, I just love their little ear tufts! I die of cute.

      Usually I sign with Kimi these days, but sometimes I just forget and sign Pond, which comes a bid more naturally after all these years. I'd guess that sketchy things are more likely to have Pond on them than finished things. :3
  • I believe the correct and appropriate response here is - "Guh."

    Your Stark is sizzling.
    • Ehehe, I am so, so in love with Stark right now. I didn't mean to pick up another fandom, but I can't help it!
  • Your "doodle" might actually prompt me to go see the movie. *^_^*
    • Is a fantastic popcorn munching movie! With hot cars! And hot mecha suits! And RDJ being shameless and quippy and delicious.

      ...the evil twin is writing me dean/sam/tony...i'm just sayin.
  • Eheheheh... NICE.
  • Lovely! I love the Stark's expression. He's all, 'come here, big boy'!

    Haven't seen Iron Man yet. I'm so uncool, always late to the party. *G* Hopefully, this weekend.
  • Oh God, that's hot. I absolutely adore your Tony. :)
  • Nnngh.  I was thinking the world needed Iron Man fanart.  This will do fabulously, oh yes it will.
  • Oh, this makes me want a sequel badly! Or maybe I need to track down the comics. <3

    Best of luck with the job hunt. *sends good luck vibes*

    Also! I have 2 questions for you and J.

    1. Do you guys drink wine? If yes, preferred style/red or white?
    2. In terms of chocolate: Dark, milk, or white? Nuts?

    • I anticipate a sequel! I've actually been trying to decide whether or not I want to get sucked into the comics. I know a lot of the recent storylines and they're way fascinating, but I think I'm also mostly into it for RDJ. :3

      I figure if I do end up doing a bit of freelancing, that just frees me up for other fun things, so it's not really losing out.


      1. We don't drink wine often, although we do have a glass now and then. Mostly red these days, thanks to the roommates who know what they're doing when buying wine. ^^

      2. Anything is good as long as it has nuts in it, and isn't a hyper-bitter dark.
  • whoa

    there's just something about Stark's expression that's got me drooling on this one. :) nice.
  • Asjdffdguh. Your Stark, he is so much awesome. I was beginning to wonder if it was possible to capture him on paper, but you've totally done it.
    Perhaps two viewings are necessary, I shall test this theory promptly. :D

    I am now stalking watching you, is this okay?
  • Not sure why anyone wouldn't hire you but there is no explaining things sometimes. I'll keep my fingers crossed that something will just pop in from out of the blue in time to save your ever loving soul. Squirrels! I lvoe them. We used to have this one outside my work window that would just run around and do flips and jumps, it was hilarious. Had to go to a new company and I sure do miss him. Wow! Tony, Tony, Tony! You are looking mighty fine here. Memo to self "GO SEE IRON MAN AGAIN!" (for the 6th time) *sigh*
  • damn, now I really have to go see that film. I love RD in almost everyting he does.
  • I can't even think about job hunting. I mean, I'm doing it myself, and I spent most of last year doing it, and so all I can say is: I hear ya barkin', big dog. (Do people say that anymore? Well, muskrits still say it...)

    This picture almost makes me want to see Iron Man. Except that I'm feeling particularly ill-willed toward billionaire industrialists these days, and probably wouldn't be able to give it a fair shake. ha and d'oh.
  • Even though that's not my Iron Man pairing, I've gotta say that's mighty damn hot.

    (My pairing? Stark/the Stark Mansion Basement Workshop).
  • Next time I want to draw Stark crawling naked all over Rhodes in War Machine and oh, I don't know, sucking on something phallic, but this'll do

    I have no idea how my brain stays in one piece when you put something like that out there. Seriously. Also, good job on the mechanical bits. Warmachine looks properly machine-y, but at the same time still has organic curves. I am much impressed.
  • Yay! Stark/Rhodes pic! Love, love it! Although I'm mostly a het girl when it comes to the Marvelverse, I just couldn't get those two out of my head the couple times I saw the movie. Rather hard to find any other fic/art on them so this makes me happy. =D
  • Just wanted to say- love the sketch! I can see Tony doing something like that, and Rhodey's expression is great.

    And I apologize for friending before commenting-- been enjoying all the wonderful art you have in your journal and wanted to make sure to come back to comment when I could. Thanks for sharing!
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