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Gundam Wing Sketch - Duo/Heero - First Love [PG-13]

Gundam Wing Sketch - Duo/Heero - First Love [PG-13]

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While the drawbles are proving useful, going back to my roots seemed a good way to get back to drawing bishounen again. I may come back to this and work on it more since I got a solid start on it.

  • Wow! This is making me remember all the fan-fic I read on these guys. Need to go dig through the files and find some of it. I like how they don't look too "femalish". You're really good at that.
    • ^^ I haven't read any in quite a while, but I'm feeling the lack. And glad you think so! It's a fine line to walk between pretty and too-pretty!
  • pretty
  • Oh lord, I ♥ anatomy. They're gorgeous all over.
    • ^^ For some reason this one just clicked in terms of translating the appropriate muscle groups to a less defined form!
  • I would really like to gnaw on Duo's collarbones. Just a little.
  • That's....gah! The dips and curves and GUNS!kajsds;fjs;fs

    Almost makes me want to look into that fandom with the pretteh. But, alas, I know the original artwork likely has nothing on you, so I will just watch the progress on this! ♥
    • Hee, it's showing it's age these days, but man, ten years ago? Hottest anime boys on the block.
  • I want to lick the small of Heero's back. And for whatever reason, Duo with the gun instead makes everything just that much hotter. I fully approve the continuation of this picture, yes, yes I do.
  • Pond, your boys look better than ever. <3 Heero has a yummy back.
    • Thanks! I think going back and working on something gw again was a good choice since i don't really need to put much thought into how they're supposed to look so much as what new things that I've learned can I apply to drawing them!
  • Cool good! Thank you very much. anagrama2
  • Gorgeous. Wonderful lines as always, and Duo especially looks delicious. ^ ^
    • I'm really pleased with Duo in this, especially since sometimes I find the shape of his eyes so difficult to render!
  • Oh um yes. god that is so fucking hot. I love Duo's expression! And Heero's back... *fans self* I love the details, Pond. That's why you are my favorite, bb.
    • Naw, thanks so much! Duo is all like this is serious business, while Heero's kinda uke-ing it up in the bg. I think I need to get Heero looking more, oh I don't know, like he's not just fresh out of the shower or something and feeling shy! XD
  • Sinfully delicious. And lickable! I can certainly cheerlead for a return to this piece. ^______^
  • Very pretty! I like this a lot.
  • Awesomely pretty!
  • the line of heero's back is just...nnng...

    and I love duo's face. ♥
  • Wow, the attitude you've got there in just a few lines. Awesome.

    It's selfish of me, but my inner fangirl is so excited to see you drawing bishounen again. ♥
  • O.ô Ahhh... I'm speechless. Need to get a tissue for the drool on my keyboard. Uhm... Bloody hell, if there weren't already 35°C (which means I'm not able to breath) in my room, the temperatur would go straight up to 'really, really hot'. This PG-13 is much more sexy than a lot of NC-17 if seen so far from other artist, so damn, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  • I really dig the small of Heero's back.
  • Wonderful. I love Heero looking over his shoulder and Duo's stance. I'm so happy to see these guys from you again.
  • *squee* Heero and Duo!!! They look sexy! Thanks for drawing them!!! ^____^
  • Nice! I like how dangerous they look.
  • So very pretty - I miss your Gundam Wing piccies :(
  • LOVE! Love love love! Especially their posture and body language and the way Duo is holding the gun. And are they wearing towels? :D LOVE this!
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