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Death Note Pic - L - Red [G]

Death Note Pic - L - Red [G]

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I slept something like 18 hours yesterday. Been fighting this weird fatigue the past couple days. It was like having the flu minus the nausea. In short, it was suck. Feeling better today happily, and got at least a tiny bit of drawing done. J did a chunk of cleaning which was nice since our room has been fluctuating between various levels of clutter since the start of this semester. Only a bit more tidying and laundry and it'll be sparkling clean.

First drawble from the batch is done... for [info]windsorblue.

Aside from feeling like I'd forgotten how to draw bishounen in general, I'm at this weird stage in my progression in terms of my skills. I'm very aware of the next level and can mentally break down what I need to do in order to draw better, but things aren't /quite/ clicking to properly jump me to that point yet. It's slightly frustrating. I think I need to pick an image I really want to work on and spend a solid twenty or more hours on it. Unf.
  • Oh, it looks nice to me! I really think you've captured L's stance.

    And can I also just say that I am so excited you're doing some Death Note art now! *glee*
    • Ah thanks, I took these requests entirely as a way to get me drawing prettier guys again and also to warm-up and not nit-pick details. That last thing being something I constantly struggle with.

      J and I just finished watching the second half of the series this past weekend, so now I can play around and not need to worry about spoilers!
  • oh, awesome! I love the angle, and the creepiness is perfect. ^^
    • ^_^ I like the angle too, as much as I'm doing these for fun and not to stress, I also want to continue pushing myself in terms of composition.
  • I like how it's a mixture of sketchy and realistic. I'm assuming from the prompt that that's blood behind him? Some grisley scene just off-screen.
    • I think that's some of what I need to find a good balance of in terms of being comfortable drawing. So much of what I've had to focus on in classes has been realism that it's easier to switch from one to the other instead of blending what I know into some kind of cohesive whole. Or well, something like that anyway. :3 And yes, blo~od.
      • *nod* I think it would be hard to blend-- most CG stuff is aimed at being totally realistic so I'd think there's not a lot to use as inspiration.
  • I really like this style of art. I like the hair and eyes in particular. Very lovely.~Sophia
    • Thank you! I tried to stay loose on the hair instead of fussing with it too much. :D
  • I'm very aware of the next level and can mentally break down what I need to do in order to draw better, but things aren't /quite/ clicking to properly jump me to that point yet. It's slightly frustrating.

    You know, I went through something similar with writing, and... I think I failed to move to the next level. In fact, I think I backslid. So, you know, up the hill I go again. I would wish you luck with this, except I'm not sure if that would be insulting as I have faith in your talents and ambitions, and don't think luck is really what you need. Eep eep!
    • I can never see the same things so clearly in terms of writing, but yeah, it's like I can look at an image and break it down into all of its parts, but i don't have quite enough experience with the various techniques to put it all together into something of my own. Continuing to work on things is the key I suppose, especially considering I can see such a huge jump in my skills over the past six months.
  • bweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I love it! Especially his knowing little 'I-saw-what-you-did' smile. Oh, L. <3

    Thank you!!
  • You're doing Death Note art, whee! :D The look in his eyes and the tiny knowing smile is perfect!
    • Hee, a teensy bit at least. I imagine I'll do more in the future now that I have seen it all!
      • And if you haven't seen the live-action movies, check those out, too! (yay for more future pics! :D)
  • Very nice even though I'm not familiar with the fandom. But mostly I wanted to ask: I didn't miss your horsey sculpture post, did I? I looked around but am good at missing things.

    Also, I know the feeling of being right there at that next level and not quite... only mine was painting. And it's been so long now I've probably backslid horribly. I envy your drive and patience! Even my best work never got 20 hours of my time. oO (Well, maybe something digital.)
    • I just didn't post it yet! I wanted to make an attempt at posing the model into something more interesting than just standing absoutely straight in the default, and have been learning a bit of how to do that. I rendered out some images though, so I'll get those up today or tomorrow. :3

      I'm sure I've experienced this before, but I've just never been so acutely aware of it! Both in terms of the actual feeling and of all the elements that are Right. There. For my illustration classes, I've been averaging probably 9-10 hours on projects, but that's a little piecemeal and on things that I've had various levels of interest in. I need a project that'll really stick in me to make it to that 20 hour mark, I think!
  • ah! He looks great! So very sly looking~!
    • yay. and first time drawing a character anxiety avoided for once!
  • I'm not familiar with the show, but he looks great! ^___^

    I'm glad you are feeling better. *hugs*
    • Thanks! It's so strange to get back to trying to draw "traditional" anime!

      Am feeling much, much, better. I loathe being under the weather, it's so good to have energy again.
  • (Anonymous)
    Having seen the first part of the live action movie of Death Note, it's cool seeing some fan art. I love how you manage to put so many emotions in your pics. Hope to see more one day.
    • I have yet to see the live action, but I'm looking forward to it. ^_^ And thank you so much!
  • (Anonymous)
    This is fantastic! I'm really diggin' how you captured his eyes--the expression is pure L. Well done!

    ~ penster from LJ (who cannot figure out this OpenID thing)
  • Very nice! I like his pose and the shadows under his eyes.
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