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Today actually feels like weekend!

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I've had a crazy couple of months. I still have every intention of posting about our road trip, but between that and last weekend in the Tahoe forest, most every ounce of my free time has been recovering from all the travel and also all the mental energy I've been using up at work.

I went to lunch with [personal profile] mrkinch on Friday, which was super lovely, and the perfect thing to force me out of the office and start my weekend. I'm on half-day Fridays now for the summer, but my department just relaunched our imprint's website. It was a pretty huge undertaking, and we essentially managed a complete overhaul and significant migration of content in a little over three weeks. I didn't sleep much this last week and ended up working a lot of overtime, but shockingly it wasn't really a stressful project. There's a lot more to do as far as migration and optimization in the weeks and months to come, but overall, it was a damn successful launch.

House-hunting for J and I is on a bit of a pause. My mom has finally gotten into a headspace to move and spoke with a realtor for a spot appraisal, so finding a property with an in-law or two homes on a single lot is back on the table. I went down to her place yesterday to help clean out the house and it went a hundred times better than I expected. We got one and a half rooms completely cleared, and now there's really only one more room and the garage that needs a ton of work to sort through. Because of the remodeling that she did a couple years ago, the main living and family rooms are essentially just bookshelves full of books and papers which will be easy to box up and/or shred. I'll probably end up going down every other weekend to continue helping clean and box things up, but aside from the loft in the garage which is going to need J's help, I think she and I can do the house ourselves, and then look at hiring someone to haul away everything that's in the barn and shed.

The week to come feels pretty excellent with no more mental space being taken up by managing such a large work project. With help from J, I also got around to modding my new bike helmet today, so that's one more thing off my plate!

Prepping my stencil using shelf paper!

And all done!

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