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road tripping not a major hurdle in my media consumption apparently

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J and I went on a week long road trip that took us up through Oregon and throughout Washington. Better still we had a [personal profile] blue_soaring along for the ride for half of it! Despite camping half the time, we still managed to see the season finale of The Following, and I also caught the newest SPN which prompted me to actually get my ass caught up on the show. It was a really lovely vacation despite the surprise!wind that cut our time in eastern Washington short. I managed to post a few photos from the road on Tumblr/Twitter, but I'm hoping to assemble it all into a proper entry tomorrow evening and recount all the things we saw and did.

It was fun using the books my company publishes to plan our trip, and we made it home again late Friday, so I've had the weekend to recover. We did help my work bestie move into her new apartment this afternoon, which despite always being The Friends With the Truck, it was nice to get out of the house after spending a lot of the day sorting and cleaning up various vacation detritus.

I feel nicely rejuvenated, and ready to tackle finishing up the Big Project I took off right in the middle of. I found out that there's been a bit of a shake-up in the greater department while I was gone, and I'm curious to see what the climate will be like tomorrow. More on that under lock later probably. I also managed to kick start my drawing and work on my commissions today, and also got over a minor hurdle in a couple WIP fics I had, so I'm feeling ready to tackle the creative projects of my own I have floating around. Good times.

The most important thing during my vacation: Iron Man 3.

1. Rhodey. <3
2. RHODEY. <3333
3. Not ENOUGH Rhodey.

Seriously though, sdlfkjs. I loved it. I'm excited to see it again, and I adore how it works in the greater MCU. It felt jumpy and a bit scattershot, reminding me of how the PoTC sequels feel to me, so I'm not sure how rewatchable it will be for me in the long run, but the scenes and general tone definitely has its claws in. I had tried not to get my hopes up with Shane Black at the helm, and even if I was only marginally successful, I'm still satisfied with the end result.

Mostly though, I really wanted Harry to narrate the whole movie and make for the most epic crossover ever.

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